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Chrono Trigger XL

April 5, 2010

New DSi XL?

Meet fifteen-year-old Super Nintendo game.

If you’ve never played a Japanese role playing game, you’ve never played Pokemon.

Chrono Trigger  It features refinements on  genre mechanics.  If you are versed in Mass Effect, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, or BioShock, but no exposure to a Final Fantasy game that wasn’t on a PlayStation, Chrono Trigger is an exemplary offering.  Chrono Trigger also  innovated mechanically  in ways that are still present in modern RPGs–even Western RPGs like Mass Effect 2–while refining an existing formula popularized by the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games.

I am a retro-gamer, specializing in late 80s to late 90s.  My preferred platform is the portable remake.  This lets me support work I generally know to be worth my money, as well as freeing me from the anchor of a home console.  The Nintendo DS is the superior device for my endeavors, particularly with the introduction of the DSi XL.  Dual-screen and touch-screen refinements to classic formulas are not always foolproof, but the role playing and adventure genres benefit from a more intuitive “point and click” interface that a touch screen provides, while the bottom screen for statistics, maps, equipment screens leave the top screen free to portray the action.

Upon finally starting a game of Chrono Trigger on a hacked Xbox after over a decade of laudatory praise from anyone I came across who had played it,  I knew what I had before me was worth experiencing in a superior format.  Chrono Trigger DS is everything I could want.